This is a map of the area surrounding Milano, including the three airports, the central station and Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca. Click here for a larger version.

The easiest way to reach the University from the airports is to first get to the Milano Centrale railway station. In order to do so, you can take a bus:

  • An ATM Air Bus from the Linate airport (the price is 4 €; there is a bus every 30 minutes, and the trip is 25 minutes long).
  • Malpensa Shuttle from the Malpensa airport.
  • Orioshuttle from the Orio al Serio airport.

Tickets are sold on board.

As an alternative, you can reach Milano Centrale from Malpensa airport by first taking a Malpensa Express train (follow the Trains sign at the Malpensa airport) to the Cadorna railway station. The ticket can be bought at the booth located inside the airport (just before arriving at the train railways) and costs 11 €; there is a train every 30 minutes, and the trip is about 40 minutes long. From Cadorna, you can reach Milano Centrale by using line 2 of the underground (the green line, click here for a map; the names of the stations are Cadorna FS and Centrale FS respectively). The tickets for the underground can be bought for 1 € at the vending machines or at the newspaper kiosk, both located in the underground station.

From Milano Centrale, you can reach the University by taking the line 87 bus, as described here. The urban public transport tickets are not sold on board; they can be bought for 1 € at the vending machines located in the Milano Centrale underground station (or at the newspaper kiosk). If you reached Milano Centrale via the underground, you can use the same ticket, as long as the total duration of the trip does not exceed 75 minutes; notice that you need to validate it again on the bus (click here for further details).

Finally, you can also take a taxi from the airports. Please notice that this solution tends to be very expensive, also depending on the traffic; you should ask the taxi driver for an approximate fare before you start the trip.

Here is a map of the main campus of the University, including the location of DLT 2011 (building U6), the nearest line 87 bus stop, and the Greco Pirelli railway station. Click here for a larger version.

Instructions for using the public transport to reach the university from other locations in Milano can be obtained via this search form on the ATM website. Type the name of the street in the From field, put “Università Bicocca” (remember to include the accent) as the destination, and click Calculate.

For further information, see also the Reach us by public transport page on the University website.

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